HAI Leviton 20a01-31 OmniPro II, Board Only


HAI OmniPro II 20a01-3 (OmniPro 2) - Excellent condition

This is the version with 5 serial ports used to connect to irrigation, sound systems, etc. and doesn't need to have firmware chips replaced in order to upgrade firmware. Just download the new firmware via the internet and apply (PC Access program required - not included). 

This is the flagship home automation board from Leviton which controls almost everything (lights, windows, doors, cameras, sound, alarm, etc). 

Comes with what is shown in the picture. The user manual can be downloaded from the manufactures website for free.

Everything has been restored to default with a master code of 1111.

Pictures have the MAC address and serial number blocked digitally for security. The actual board hasn't been touched or marked. 


Excellent working condition guaranteed!